Hey there, pressure cooker peeps! This is Samantha Trump, and welcome to Pressure Cooker Diaries! For the past 14 years, I’ve been obsessed with unlocking the magic (and speed!) of pressure cooking. From perfecting melt-in-your-mouth ribs to whipping up lightning-fast stews, I’m here to share all my pressure cooker knowledge with you. Safety first, of course, but then we’re diving headfirst into deliciousness! Let’s turn your kitchen into a pressure cooker playground – buckle up and get ready to eat well!


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Learn how to use “Pressure Cooker” correctly for better saftey and excelent performance. If you have any problem about pressure cooker or instant pot, just check out FAQ section or pressure cooker section for Better answer.

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Learn how to make tasty but healthy recipe for your health. You will find all recipes related to pressure cooker, just check out our “RECIPE” section and explore “Diet food”, “Lunch food”, “Dinner food”, “Breakfast food”, “Chicken recipes”.

pulled pork bbq


Learn how-to-make-pulled-pork-bbq in a pressure cooker for better taste and aroma.

pressure cooking

how-to-make pressure-cooker-broccoli-risotto

Learn how-to-make pressure-cooker-broccoli-risotto.

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